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A Set of IT Services to promote and Expend your business as compare to your Competitor. Our Services provides you most comfort and grip on your business from anywhere of the world.

Put your business on the web and get more deals and leads with the quality and expert web development administrations. We have insight in all aspects of web development to assist our clients with arriving at their full computerized potential.


Social media optimization (SMO) is the utilization of social media organizations to oversee and grow an association's message and online presence. As a computerized promoting methodology, social media optimization can be utilized to build consciousness of new items and administrations, interface with clients, and moderate possible harming news.

The software has turned into the spirit for each association in this computerized time to keep up with readiness, productivity, administration and diminish consequences. The software in business has opened a ton of entryways of chances.

Mobile apps grant the clients to have useful admittance to items, data, cycle, and administrations that they would request continuously. Besides, it empowers the business to send notices about changes in items and administrations or a novel, new thing. Indeed, even without the web, the apps carry out basic roles.

Search engine optimization influences organizations by further developing your positioning in significant search results. With a sufficiently high positioning, for example, on page one, your organization can utilize SEO to carry qualified traffic.

Not at all like traditional paid publicizing, PPC gives outrageous degrees of control that works since organizations can support promotion spend for regions/socioeconomics/questions that work, and decrease promotion spend in regions that don't work - implying that the significance of PPC

Drivers in SEO & Web Optimization

A set of services to promote websites from market professionals with more than 15 years of


Creative Content

Creative content is an expansive term that alludes to the various kinds of media that organizations use to convey and advance their items and administrations — and the actual brand.

Competitor Analysis

A competitive analysis ought to inspect your rivals' elements, portion of the overall industry, evaluating, showcasing, differentiators, qualities, shortcomings, geology and client surveys.

Business Life Cycle

The business life cycle is the movement of a business in stages over the long run and is generally regularly separated into five phases: send off, development, shake-out, development, and decline.

Strategy Implementation

Fostering an association having capability of completing strategy effectively. Dispensing of plentiful assets to strategy-fundamental exercises. Coming up with strategy-empowering arrangements.

Be One Top & Drive More Sales to Your Site

Regardless of the size of your business or site, having the option to email your crowd is crucial. With such countless individuals reachable by means of their inboxes, email is one of the most mind-blowing ways of directing people to a site on the grounds that: Your email list is as of now keen on your site.

Content Generation

Content Generation is the most common way of producing point thoughts that enticement for your purchaser persona, making composed or visual substance around those thoughts, and making that data open to your crowd as a blog, video, infographic, or other substance designs.

Business Analytics & Graphs

Information perception is essential for some business-knowledge apparatuses and key to cutting edge examination. It assists individuals with figuring out all the data, or information, created today. With information perception, data is addressed in graphical structure, as a pie diagram, chart, or one more sort of visual show.

Research & Analysis

A market analysis is a quantitative and subjective evaluation of a market. It investigates the size of the market both in volume and in esteem, the different client sections and purchasing behaviors, the opposition, and the monetary climate with regards to obstructions to passage and guideline.

Click through Rate

A proportion showing how frequently individuals who see your promotion or free item posting wind up clicking it. Click through rate (CTR) can be utilized to measure how well your catchphrases and advertisements, and free postings, are performing.

Regional SEO

Regional SEO is a halfway system when you are hoping to acquire leads and openness past a solitary city yet you are not ready to support the whole country. You might be keen on focusing on a solitary state, or a regional region like the Mid-Atlantic, New England, or the Pacific North West.

Keyword Selection

The best watchwords for your SEO technique will consider pertinence, authority, and volume. You need to find profoundly looked through watchwords that you can sensibly seek in light of: The degree of contest you’re facing. Your capacity to deliver content that surpasses in quality what’s as of now positioning.


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NJ Solutions is a firm which is provided different kind of IT Services to their customer such as Website Designing & Development, Cloud & Desktop based Software Development, ERP System, Android & iPhone APP Development, SEO, SMO, PPC, SMM, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Add Campaigns, Amazon Virtual Assistance Services, Ebay, Esty and Ali Express Virtual Assistance and E-Commerce Solutions. NJ Solutions also provides different software on an annual and monthly basis subscriptions.

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